We created a series of quote spots for Season 2 of Broad City.
This was my original design for one of them:
We then went to the illustrator Mike Perry who created this as the final product.
This was my illustatrion for this quote.
This was the illustration that Mike Perry created before my color correct. 
This is the final with my color adjustment. 
This was my original sketch.
This was Mike Perry's original sketch.
I then art directed him to highlight just the word Jewel.
Here it is with my final color correct and reformatting the weight and placememnt of the type.
Here is Mike Perry's original sketch for "The Wire" quote.
Here it is with my final sizing, placement, and color adjusting of the type.
Here is the final print pieces out in the world.
Final animated videos that I worked on.
Broad City Promos for Season 2. I worked on the graphics and adding in trees to make it look like summer and a subway car.
We also did another creative with the comedian and dentist on the show, Hannibal Buress. He read some quotes from fans. Below are my designs for them. 
Below are some stickers I helped create for Comic-Con.
Season 1 Broad City
Logo Exploration for Broad City
Logos in context and poster design.
T- shirt design.
Post card design.
Concept 001: Storybaords for different words associated with NYC.
Concept 002:
Before photo clean up.
After photo clean up. White glints taken out and red added around the edges.
Created the special effect of the bus hit and worked with illustrator Mike Perry on the title cards.
Storyboarded potential illustration concept for the bus hit spots.
Show Open pitches.
Rough video executions for show open pitch. 

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