I pitched a logo design, animation and strong branding to back up this TV production company.

Mission Statement:

SB and co have flexed their muscles in a range of shows from dramas to children's television. They can go from fun and playful to serious and beautiful. SB believes it takes multiple talented people to come together for a common goal to achieve excellence.

Show open pitch 1:

1.) Cycling:
To represent the different minds and point of views coming together that form this company, in a graphic way we cycle through a variety of fun playful and beautiful representations of the logo. We see the logo in an illustration form, then as playful creatures in the shape of logo (perhaps similar to your daughters sketch but closer to the forms of the letters), it then switches to different forms before resolving on the final logo. Showing all the different creative minds that come together.

ALT- Faux stop motion- computer keys, pencils, paper clips, ripped paper, cell phones, staging lights, microphones- objects that all are involved in the production process are all shaped in the form of the logo that we then cycle through before landing on the final logo.

2.) Domino:
One idea can start a domino effect that then grows by people coming together and expanding on the concept. We can visually represent this by starting on one single dot or line on the screen and then expanding it out to multiple beautiful patterns and images that then form the logo.

Alt color option.
Concept 1 was picked and these are the revised designs.
Final animation.

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