Design & Animation Reel
Broad City- Opening Titles
31 Days of Holiday Survival- Branding
Clusterfest Branding
South Park Design, Animation & Art Direction
Broad City- Logo, Promo, & Show Open Exploration
Crank Yankers
Roast of James Franco- Designs & Animations
The Gorburger Show - Branding & Animation
Trump Twitter Library Exhibit
Bathroom Finding App
Front Row Branding
The City- Design & Animation
Refresh designs for banners & snap chat.
Shroom Town- Traditional animation
Sips & Science- Logo & Branding
Roast of Rob Lowe - Branding & Animation
The High Court
Collection Of Logos & Designs
Roast of Trump
GodFather Notebook Trailer
Inside Amy Schumer- Designs & Animations
Wine Labels
Edibles- Food Getting High - Stop Motion
SB Productions- Logo Animation
Safe Horizon- Infographics
The Posse Foundation- Design & Animation
Logo Design & Letter Press
Essie Video's
Moonbeam City- Designs & Animations
American Eagle- Holiday Instagrams
Silk Screen
Teaching Animation at The New School Parsons
The Posse Foundation- Stop Motion
Broad City- Season 3 Promos
Oktoberfest Flier
Amy Schumer Mostly Sex Stuff- Show Open
Comedy Central Upfront Designs
Business Cards, Brochures, Flyers, & Web Sites
Animated stickers & GIFS for Rae Sremmurd
Drunk History- Designs & Animations
Olive Oil Branding & Packaging
Comedians Crashing Couches- Designs & Animations
Mini Cooper- Designs & Animations
The Daily Show - Jockey Sport
Movie Poster Design
Todd Barry: Super Crazy- Show Open
Dog Eat Dog World - Designs & Animations
Jeselnik Offensive- Compositing & Designs
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